The Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET) 
also known as the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate test (LAL)

If           Your products - e.g. medical devices, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, infusion fluids,
             etc. - MUST have a bacterial endotoxin ("pyrogen") content below a certain level,
             as demanded by the global regulatory authorities?

If             You need the official certificate of analysis e-mailed to you within 24 hours of
                receipt of your samples?

If             You demand state-of-the-art technology?

If             You require monitoring of bacterial activity in e.g. dialysis fluids, water
               supplies, aircondition systems, dairy products, food processing lines etc.?

If             You demand 100% discretion and competitive prices?

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Our analyses are performed in strict accordance with the US FDA, the USP, the EP, the JP, WHO INT. PHARMACOPOEIA ,  the Australian therapeutic goods Order and all other international standards, including the DS/EN 14031:2003 concerning airborne endotoxin. All procedures, materials and methods  are described in detail on each and every Certificate of Analysis. See more details about
authorizations and regular audits: Click here.

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  Ny bog på vej:   "det tøvende menneske"

I nær fremtid udgives ”det tøvende menneske” i en revideret udgave som e-bog & PDF der kan downloades gratis.  Den nye udgave udsendes på både dansk
(og senere på  engelsk). Se anmeldelse af den oprindelige udgave: Click here.


The Secret in the Blue Blood

This is the comprehensive story about the horseshoe crabs - the true marine aristocrats with royal blue blood. Follow their evolution through 500 million years on planet Earth and be amazed at their spectacular and revolutionary contributions to modern medical science.The book was published in the English and Chinese languages in 1988 by Science Press, Beijing, China, and today, less than 500 copies exist. Now it is published in English by LIMULUS publishing house, Denmark, as an E-book in PDF-format, readable on your computer, tablet or iPad. You may read more about the book and download your free copy: Click here.


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