The Book about the Horseshoe Crab

"The Secret in the Blue Blood"  

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The Secret in the Blue Blood" is a factually convincing and truly magnificent, aesthetical monograph. Tom Mikkelsen as well as
Science Press in Beijing deserve much praise for this extremely successful book".

Johan A. Wallin, M.D., Research Librarian. Odense University, Denmark

With his highly entertaining and beautifully illustrated book THE SECRET IN THE BLUE BLOOD Tom Mikkelsen has made an
extremely important contribution not only to the inter­national
scientific literature but also to the very friendly relations between Denmark and The People's Republic of China.

Tang Shenxi, Professor, Guangxi Medical College Nanning 


Tom Mikkelsen's beautiful book is a tribute both to this amazing animal and to those scientists who have revealed its secrets.

Marlys Weary, Manager. Microbiology/Pyrogent  technology.
Baxter healthcare corp., Illinois

»Tom Mikkelsen has presented science with a beautifully illustrated book which will be of great interest to a wide range of disciplines.
The contribution of the Horseshoe Crab to modern medicine and to the growing understudy of the treat­ment of Endotoxicity cannot be over-estimated«.

Director Dr. Alan E. Preston F.R.C. (Path.) London, England.

»This book is really amazing. Very well written and wonderfully provided with many gorgeous pictures. The pictures are not only of scientific value but also artistic. I congratulate Tom Mikkelsen for this wonderful book of horseshoe crabs. Everything is included: Taxonomy, paleontology, ecology, embryology, and literature. Incredible!«.

Koichiro Nakamura, Ph.D., Tokyo, Japan.

This is a fascinating, excellent account of horseshoe crabs (Limulidae) by a Danish scientist photographer/explorer. It is a combination of beautiful illustrations and a charming tale of Tom Mikkelsen's interest in Limulidae and of his world-wide search for significant populations of them.

Carl N. Shuster, Jr. - Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Biological Oceanography. Virginia Institute/School of Marine Science, The College of William and Mary Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062, U.S.A.


»Grateful compliments to Tom Mikkelsen for his single-handed research and life­long dedication to the study of horseshoe crabs, which has culminated in the publication of this invaluable book".

 Dr. Arun Parulekar, Head, Biological Oceanography Division, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, India


The many photo­graphs of the various genera of horseshoe crabs, the reproductions of old illustrations of this animal, and maps contribute to the value and beauty of this volume.

...... the author has provided a very readable and accessible example of the application of research in marine biology to the diagnosis of important clinical problems in humans, produced by bacterial endotoxins. Tom Mikkelsen has produced a beautiful volume that is both scientifically informative and artistically pleasing.

Jack Levin, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Professor of Laboratory Medicine.University of California San Francisco, U.S.A.


The drive, cosmopolitan nature and scientific background of the author have been the basis of this impressive work where the evolutionary history and relevant significance within human and veterinary medicine of the horseshoe crab are discussed in detail.
It is not always the case that both scientist and author are successfully combined as one and the same person. It is definitely the case here. With his captivating talent as an author, adjusted according to scientific criteria, Tom Mikkelsen has, with this book, combined the past and present: zoology and medicine, history and geography.

Kaj Krongaard Kristensen, The Danish Veterinary Journal, 1988, 71, 22 15/11


A book about the world's only living fossil - the horseshoe crab - has been the cause of a justifiable sensation throughout the world, and at the same time has brought Danish scientific work into focus. The book - The Secret in the Blue Blood - is written by a Dane and published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Research scientist and author, Tom Mikkelsen from Copenhagen, is the first Dane ever to have a book published in China. Others before him - among others, H.C. Andersen - have 'only' been translated for publication in the old dynasty of the east. Tom Mikkelsen has achieved this unique position for his endeavours within scientific research of the horseshoe crab and its secrets.

Birthe Lauritsen (Søndagsavisen, Denmark, October 18, 1988)


Download your free copy of the digital 2013 edition of the book: (117 pages, about 41Mb)



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